“United we stand”

We’ll remember for the rest of our lives this 2020, for good and bad reasons.

There have been images that will stay in our mind and heart: people singing from their balconies and clapping their hands to thank doctors and nurses,

the Pope alone in Saint Peter’s square, praying for the all world under the rain and finally every day watching those terrible numbers of deaths.

We have realized that we are all in one world and we have recognized the value of solidarity.

That is where the «united we stand» collection comes from: help us to help other people.

There are thousands of people who lost their jobs, families struggling to survive.

Protezione civile is an organization that is supporting families with food, medicines and all kinds of services.

We will donate the 20% of the total revenue of this collection to Protezione Civile (www.protezionecivile.it).

  • RICCO ITALIANO Design is born from the fusion Traditional Ricco Deruta pattern and the Italian flag.
  • Green, white and red are the colors of the Italian flag and they have been integrated in the traditional design.

Each piece reminds of the year 2020