An history that tells a unique and sophisticated Art

According to the testimonies handed down and the documents found, the first traces of the Mari family date back to the SixTeenth century. Historical documents tell that in the eighteen century a so called “Giuseppe Mari from Diruta” had a small furnace, mean the top of the city, in a place called “Il Cerro”. Around the 30s the activity grows and many components of the family decided to create a company so that in 1932 the Fratelli Mari & C. company was created by tree brothers and a brother in low. During the years, the creations made with passion, thanks to the all family members and to internationally renowned artists, let the brand Mari to be positioned in the top high quality range of ceramics.

During the years the activity has grown, going through many developments and changes, but the managing has always remained in the family, who still today continues to hand down secrets and ancient traditions. The artistic tradition from Deruta has changed in time and today the numbers of artisans in our territory has decreased significantly. They have to fight against counterfeiting and fake artisanal works. As of today the F.lli Mari Company continues to work with satisfaction and passion so that is one of the most ancient and prestigious companies in Deruta.

The Mari collection includes a various range of products: gift items, tableware, interior design, home furnishing and items for garden. The study on traditional shapes, with their endless beauty, is a very important part of our work and it makes us one of the best examples of majolica tradition.