Art, love for beauty and attention to details

There is a place in Umbria that tells about creativity and  ancient traditions.

There is an artisan workshop that preserves all the secrets and artistic techniques, handed down from generations.

There is Mather Nature giving fragments of fire hardened by time, that the master craftsman skillfully trasforms.

Each creation is unique and inimitable and it tells posteruty a new story…


“United we stand”

We’ll remember for the rest of our lives this 2020, for good and bad reasons. There have been images that will stay in our mind and heart: people singing from […]

Thank’s Sofia Vergara.

Thank’s Sofia, we are very happy you enjoyed them. Your parmesan looks really good…


We are very happy to inform you that Fase2 has finally begun and we have resumed our normal activity despite having taken all the necessary precautions to safeguard the health […]